5 Pack Wooden Hamster Toys Home Hideout


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NATURAL WOOD MATERIAL: This hamster toy is made of premium eco-friendly wood. Compared with other toys of the same type, our products are more sturdy and not easy to be damaged. It is safe and environmentally friendly, non-toxic and odorless, healthy and durable.
【7 in 1 Toy Set】: This DIY hamster toy set is rich. Our combination includes DIY house, swing, rainbow bridge, seesaw and fitness ring, so you can create a playground for your pet to train and play. Besides, this kit also includes cute stickers and a mini hammer.
With this installation guide and the mini hammer, you just have to fix the board on the corresponding gear. After tightening, it can be used. The installation process is very simple, and the structure of the toy is not easy to disperse, and you can enjoy the fun during the installation process.
【Decoration in the cage】: The dwarf hamster canopy can decorate your rodent’s cage and help your rodent train. But you can be creative to personalize these toys with or without stickers. You can also combine the swing with the rainbow bridge, which increases the fun of playing for small animals.
Perfect Toy for Hamsters: These toys can bring small pets to sport, and thus have a healthy body and mind, you can interact with your lovely hamster by pressing the seesaw or swinging the seesaw.


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