Nobleza Resin Log Aquarium Fish House Decoration


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🐠 Resin hollow trunk ornaments with naturally detailed tree bark pattern are perfect for Nami Beta and Guppies. Makes the aquarium look realistic and adds lots of fun to fish.
🐠 Reduce stress and boredom: Create a new safe place to explore or hide, a place to escape, sleep, rest, play or breed. Perfect for your fish, gecko or mouse, as well as hermit crabs, beetles, snails, spiders, toads and frogs!
🐠 Product Size: This medium hidden log is 10.5cm long, 8cm wide and 10cm high. It is open at both ends and has a peephole. The exterior surface is roughened to encourage climbing, while the interior is smooth to protect your pet. Perfect for aquarium caves or reptile hideouts.
🐠 EASY TO CLEAN: When the decoration gets dirty, just wash it with water and a brush. There is no need to wash them with soapy water, which might not be good for your fish.
🐠 Suitable for aquariums, this fish hole is made of durable and non-toxic poly resin, just wash it before use. Can be used in flat bottom fresh or salt water tanks.


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