Pet-Hym Indestructible Dog Toy, Chew Bones


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1. [dog toothbrush] The shape is designed in the shape of dog bones, and the surface is made of irregular brushes according to the characteristics of the dog’s teeth. When the product is chewing and playing, the concave-convex surface has the effect of grinding teeth, which can prevent the accumulation of dog plaque and tartar, and better protect the health of teeth.
2. [dentastix for dogs] Every dog ​​loves to chew on bones, we’re just what they need. The bone not only increases fun and interactivity, but also stimulates the dog’s natural hunting instinct. It can accompany the dog, help it release stress and relieve separation anxiety.
3. [Dog Toys Inviting Taste] In order to make the product more appealing, we added beef or peanut butter flavor that dogs love during the production process. The fragrant taste will trigger the dog’s keen sense of smell and allow him to chew and play repeatedly.
4. [Excellent quality dog ​​play] This product is suitable for medium-sized dogs and large dogs.


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