UBORSE Hands-Free Retractable Dog Leash


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◆◆◆Strong Dog Leash: Wear-resistant nylon dog leash and 360° rotatable zinc alloy hook are enough to withstand the pulling force of large dogs up to 100kg, suitable for dogs large, medium-sized dogs.
◆◆◆Retractable Leash: High elastic waistband area provides enough stretching force to give buffer time and protection when your dog rushes.
◆◆◆Better Control: This leash is designed with 2 convenient handles, one at the end and a soft padded handle near the clip. Train your dog using different handles.
◆◆◆Safety: Highly reflective threads ensure both safety and visibility during your night walks. The professional swivel clasp prevents the leash from twisting and tangling while the dog is running.
◆◆◆Length: The natural length is 103cm, and the maximum length after force is 120cm. The elastic band can stretch about 53cm.


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